Look at the bright side

Look at the bright side

Change is something that we all have to deal with through out our lives . Whether at work , at home or in our relationships . Change is something that none of us can escape .

If you’re having a bad day ,acknowledge it . You shouldn’t just ignore the the fact and continue trying to act happy. Then , after you accepted the fact that you are experiencing a bad day , Look for positives and think of ways to make the situation better.

For example imagine you’ve been laid off your job . That’s probably upsetting for you , and it’s okay to accept that . But after the initial shock has passed , start thinking about ways to improve your situation. Make a plan to apply for unemployment , and for finding a new job . Perhaps this will be an opportunity to find work you like better .

This will help you accept the complex nature of life . Faking cheer can be counterproductive . People will likely be able to pickup conflicting messages in your body language and facial expressions . So it’s best to just let any emotions flow through you , whatever they might be .

There are 10 reasons to always look at the bright side .
1) Tomorrow is a new day .
2) This is only temporary .
3) You can only go up from here
4) There is no time to waste .
5) You should live every day to
the fullest .
6) Life feels so much better
When you keep a positive
outlook .
7) The more positive you are
the more positive that
comes your way .
8) Your attitude will impact
others .
9) You have every reason to
be happy .
10) Life is too short .