Healthy and happy Life

Happy people tend to eat healthier , exercise more , and get better sleep than those who are stressed out or depressed .

Nutrition actually influences the structure and function of the brain cells .
The key to improve your mood with food is to cut back on processed snacks in favor of whole foods , like fruits , vegetables , nuts and seeds , as well as fish , meat and eggs .
This will control your weight as well as the stress factors for diseases , such as diabetes , hypertension and heart disease .

Water makes up to two-thirds of the body and performs a lot of functions including , acting as a solvent , carrier of nutrients , temperature regulator , and body detoxifier . Maintaining hydration is very important for our vitality , and energy levels including mental alertness .
That’s why it's very important to drink eight to ten cups of water daily to keep our bodies functioning properly .

Good sleep is mandatory for the body and brain function . You should sleep about eight hours at night .
People with insomnia produce higher rates of stress hormones than others , and they might be depressed . Inversely more and better - quality sleep can make you feel happier .

Exercise is very important for heathy body and your good mood.
It reduces immune - system chemicals , which may contribute to depression system . Excercise also distracts you from worries , builds your confidence and helps you interact with others .

Social contact is very important .
Seeing your friends on regular basis can be just as important to your mental health as exercise and nutrition .

Going out doors every now and then whether in picnic or just walking in nature whether in gardens , on the beach , or besides a river refreshes your mind and calms you down .