Happy Family

The family is the small unit of any society .
If the family is happy , the children will be raised up having self confidence, knowing their duties in the family , successful and of course knowing their duties to their society.

To start with , If the parents are in love , understand and respect each other , they will raise up their children in the same way .

From day one of pregnancy , the mother should know that her calmness and happiness affect her baby . In the same way her sadness or nervousness affect him too .
All centers nowadays teach the mother how to deal with her pregnancy.

And then we come to the baby when born , the parents will have another new journey in their life.
It's fantastic journey .

Every day , every week and every month they see a new progress in their child . This is known ''milestones‘’ of the baby .
They will be very happy and their happiness will be reflected on the baby .
From here starts the friendship between the baby and his parents .

If friendship , love and respect is continued between the child and his parents , then the child will grow up in a healthy atmosphere .

Now how to continue friendship and in the same time respect , and love between the child and his parents .

The parents should know how the child thinks in each year of his life . They should express love and appreciation . And if he did something wrong , avoid harsh criticism.

Sharing meals together , playing with the child and taking him for a weekend vacation .
Listening to each other carefully and encourage discussion.