Funny Lady

Funny Lady

The funny lady is the cheerful and happy lady who takes the bright side of everything . She is always happy and spreads happiness in her surroundings.

If she has a problem she tries to solve or overcome . In this way her family will be also happy and transfers happiness to others whether friends , colleagues or even strangers she meets .

She loves and likes being loved . Ladies with this attitude can achieve many goals in a very simple and smart way.

The question is , can this attitude be easily accepted ?
Some ladies are like that by nature . Some others ofcourse not but everything can be reached by training.

Training can be accepted by many ways as recognizing self passion , being comfortable , look ing honestly to the brightside
learning from the past bad experiences , meditation and staying healthy .

Acting cheerful when you are not really happy can produce the opposite effect because the body language and facial expressions can reveal the true feelings .