Be comfortable With yourself

Our society is constantly pointing out who's the prettiest , the smartest , the most successful , and the best dressed . Even If you are given all of this , it's really no surprise if you don't feel comfortable in your own skin every now and then .
Being comfortable needs not comparing yourself to others , you have to choose yourself what you need , accept how you look , be cool with how much you weigh , have good self-esteem and like where you are in life .

When you are truly comfortable with yourself you don't need to compare with others and you don't need to do things simply to impress others .
And yet we all know getting to this point may take some work .
Put standards and expectations for yourself only . Feeling comfortable with who you are is about loving yourself and feeling happy with your life . If you meet your own standards , you'll always be happy .

You are unique person with your own individual traits , strength , and challenges . Be proud of your abilities and strive to be happy about who you are .
Avoid striving for perfection , instead think of yourself and your life as works in progress . This can make it easier to accept yourself .